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Bridj—on demand mass transit

The term disruption has begun to permeate everyday language as have the service changes. Bridj is another service that seeks to change the shuttle industry. Bridj also lays claim to being a mass transit solution. Bridj is, in many ways what paratransit services might wish to emulate, it’s not as far removed from the traditional paratransit model like Lyft and Uber.

Bridj projects costs to greater than traditional public transport but less than taxis or by driving oneself. Bridj basically sets routes based upon demand, where they are and where they need to be by time. Its still quasi-fixed route as it is still in beta.graphic showing route stops and times

The particular market Bridj is seeking to capture is composed of complex journeys, ones that involve transfers, thereby shortening commute times. Smartphone technology once more serves as the data source cornerstone and avoidance of traditional “booking” approaches such as call centers or even booking web sites.

It’s the technology that’s interesting. How it can be adapted to shuttle paratransit users would need to be explored, and the app would need to be fully accesible.

Tracking planes visually stunning, why not track Paratransit usage?

Just a neat example of giving life to massive amounts of geolocation data. Think about doing this with Paratransit journeys. Maybe showing distinct phases  or occupancy levels using distinct color. For example, how much is outbound travel verses actual miles with a passenger.

How might this be achieved?

I’m assuming that the RTC doesn’t GPS track its paratransit vehicles, if they did then use that raw data.

Maybe recreation from a log of dispatch, then use a mapping service to decide the route taken.

I wonder if something like Maptimize would be useful? They’re the ones behind the demo site one million tweet map that displays the last million tweets over the world in real-time.

split map showing two ways to graphically represent geo data
Ideas for mapping paratransit demand and delivery