Rider Demographics and Transportation Difficulties

It is hard to imagine a life where you can’t simply leave whenever you want or go wherever you please, but many people face that challenge every day.  The amount of days people with disabilities leave their home a week is significantly lower than the amount of days the non disabled leave home.

**Please click on graphs to enlarge them**

Graph of the number of days left home during the week by those with disabilities and those without disabilitiesAlong with staying home more than those without disabilities, people with disabilities have a more difficult time getting the transportation they need when they need it.

A graph showing the type of transportation used by those with disabilities and those without disabilities per week. A graph describing the percentage of people with and without disabilities who have difficulties getting transportation each week.

There are hundreds of thousands of Paratransit users in the United States, but the system is still flawed.  The estimated wait time can be longer than they say, and customer send complaints to RTC regarding drivers and their experiences while using Paratransit.

A graph describing Paratransit timer performance. The amount of people registered for paratransit A graph describing the amount of customer complaints received by RTC Access





A program as large as RTC Access and Paratransit should be more user friendly, reliable, and enjoyable.  Because of the procedures adopted by RTC, I believe newer companies will be the next generation of transportation for those with disabilities.

I hope these simple statistics help illustrate how inefficient (and unfair) our current transportation system is for those with disabilities.


** all information is from:

Paratransit Peer Report – January 2011

RTC Access Paratransit Operating Statistics

Bureau of Transportation Statistics: Freedom to Travel

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